Safeshore Methodology

Nityo’s unique Safe-Shore Methodology ensures our clients the advantages of Onsite and Offshore Activities. The methodology is a 3-dimensional matrix of Shore's as one axis, availability of skill set in low cost destination as the second axis and the optimum infrastructure of destination location.

"Methodology is a 3-dimensional matrix of Shore's"


  • Determination of the effective engagement execution game plan
  • Achievement of the lowest possible cost of delivery
  • High offshore team productivity through good coordination of onshore/Near-shore and offshore teams
  • IP Protection/Data Privacy


  • Availability of Skilled resources with appropriate efficiency and work attitude
  • Low Attrition rate
  • Good Legal Framework of country- Government Involvement like provision of huge financial incentives like grants, Tax breaks and Training cost reimbursement
  • Best infrastructure in terms of Roads, Phone connectivity