The Scope of E-Learning in India

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Over the years, technology have played a key role in shaping our world. Technology is all around in every domain.  E-learning is one of the domain which have lots of potentials yet to come. This post will focus on the Socpe of E-Learning in India. It has eased the process of getting education to a great extent. From high-tech school laboratories to virtual classrooms, the ways and means of education have been constantly evolving.


The world wide web (www) has seen lots of potential on E-Learning. Almost everything can be found on www in terms of online certfications or short term courses. If you are looking for PMP certification then I must recommend you to check one online portal name .

If we talk about the future of elearning, Its very bright in India.  According to the research report, “India E-Learning Market Outlook to FY’2018 – Increasing Technology Adoption to Drive Future Growth, the market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 17.4% over the period FY2013-FY’2018 driven by many factors such as increasing government initiatives to promote e-learning, increasing adoption of technology, shortage of quality education, convenience and cost factors and others. With an inclination in the adoption of e-learning method to facilitate talent management in corporations, the demand of custom e-learning content and technology would increase, thereby increasing the overall growth of India’s e-learning market in future.

India e-learning market is likely to showcase a gradual positive growth in the coming years. Indian e-learning content market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.4% from FY’2014-FY’2018. The strong government initiatives pushing the student enrolments in higher education and distance learning will keep on propelling the market expansion.

Advantage of E-learning:

  • Ability to Cover Distance : The biggest advantage of e-learning lies in its ability to cover distances. For an organisation that is spread across multiple locations, traditional training becomes a constraint.
  • Learning at self paced: The major advantage is the consistency that e-learning provides. e-learning is self-paced, and learning is done at the learner’s pace. The content can be repeated until it is understood by the trainee. It can be made compelling and interesting with multimedia, and the trainee can be given multiple learning paths depending on his or her needs.
  • Social Interactivity: There is a lot of E-Learning sites on the web which provided social interactivity which is very useful and people find it very helpful to share their thoughts and learning.

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